Tender / BID

With a target of 100 GW of solar by 2022, various Indian states are aggressively opening bids to attract investment in this sector. If you are an investor wishing to participate in government solar bid but want to concentrate on your core activities then you can leave all the hassles to us. We will steer you through the process while you can enjoy the returns from your investment for years to come.


Critical things which our team takes care of in any government solar bidding process:

  • Tracking of the numerous bids on daily basis so that you do not miss on deadlines. We have a team dedicated which continuously scans this buzzing segment and is updated with the latest RFPs
  • Our team conducts extensive market research on historical trends of bid values and prevailing market conditions on states and national basis to arrive at that perfect bid value for you. Key to winning in reverse bid is the value at which you bid. Too low a bid can damage your returns and too high a bid will result in losing the bid.
  • Understanding and assessing technical and financial eligibility requirements which vary largely from bid to bid
  • We do complete due diligence before we submit your bid to avoid any complications and mistakes. Even a small mistake in submitting the bid or failure in submitting the documents in desired formats can lead to disqualification of the bid.
  • Based on the pre-feasibility report, mapping of support schemes, incentives and subsidies, we undertake the development of a detailed financial model and a financial bid
  • We also take care that your bid is hand delivered whether it is in Assam, Karnataka , Rajasthan or any other state. We take full responsibility to ensure that your bid is technically qualified.