Feasibility , Design & Engineering


There is often a solid strategic case for a renewable or cleaner energy project. But on its own this isn’t enough. Companies need a clear, comprehensive plan on how it fits with the wider business and how to deliver their targets. They have to weigh up a complex interplay of renewable and non-renewable investment choices, balance demand and supply and make sure the grid infrastructure is in place to support new generation sources.

Efficore would help you to take informed decisions. We customize the study to meet your specific requirements. Depending upon the objective, the scope of study may include following or more.

Energy Analysis
  • Electricity Bill Analysis
  • Consumer load profiling with interval data, if available
  • Average Consumption pattern throughout the year
  • Actual energy requirement taking into consideration future changes
  • A table of key facts on energy analysis findings
Solar Resource Assessment
  • Availability of solar irradiation at consumer specific location
  • Effects of seasons and surrounding environmental conditions
  • Projection of solar resources for the life of PV system
  • Solar Shade Report comprising of near and far shading
  • Hourly weather file containing 8760 data points for each of Irradiation, Ambient temperature and Wind Speed
Optimum Solar PV system sizing and System architecture selection
  • Our team of experts will take into consideration consumer energy requirement, government policy, load profile, quantity and quality of space available, weather conditions including irradiation to give an accurate and optimum size of solar PV system for particular client site whether the system is implemented with OPEX or CAPEX model
  • A matrix describing which system architecture to opt for based on technical and economical consideration
Technology Selection Criteria
  • Parameters on which Solar PV modules, Inverters and other Balance of System components are selected
  • A chart showing where different technologies stand in terms of performance, warranty, bankability of vendor etc.
Integration of the Solar PV system with existing electrical infrastructure and evacuation of solar power
  • Single Line Diagram (SLD) showing power distribution scheme
  • Description and discussion of all the necessary grid codes and standards required to interconnect the Solar PV system with the grid
  • Flowchart of process required for all the statutory clearances and approvals
Bill of Quantities Preparation
  • Provide project specific measured quantities of the items as identified by the supporting drawings and specifications from the project design
  • A table containing component description, quantity, necessary certifications/conformance to standards
Project Budgeting
  • For one or more transaction models as agreed upon with the client
  • Activity cost estimates providing cost estimate for each work package, all the materials and compliance fees
  • Contingency budget planning
  • An excel file with complete financial pro-forma
Financial Metrics calculations for OPEX and CAPEX models
  • Return On Investment Calculations for CAPEX option
  • Savings Estimations for OPEX options
  • An excel file for both CAPEX and OPEX options with respective calculations for both
Performance Criteria Specifications
  • Discussion on criteria for measuring Solar PV system performance
  • Calculation of ideal ratios and metrics like Specific Production i.e. kWh / kWp / Year
  • A table specifying key criteria with definitions and ideal value or range of values
Statistics on Key Environmental Attributes
  • Calculation of key environmental attributes of the Solar PV system like the equivalent amount of trees planted
  • A discussion on calculation methodology and a table specifying key statistics