EPC / Project Development

With the in-house design, EPC & project management capabilities resting Efficore has ready and strong competencies for solar project development.

We provide end-to-end solar project development & EPC solutions in following sectors:

  • Residential (< 30 kW)
    Investing in a solar energy system for your home is one of the best ways to save money, increase the value of your home, protect yourself from future energy rate increases, and help the environment by turning to clean energy.Efficore offers cost effective grid tied as well as off grid solutions for residential solar so that you can become energy independent and enjoy clean energy for years to come.
  • Commercial (30 kW – 5 MW)
    Are your energy needs ever increasing and energy costs ever rising? Efficore provides a perfect solution this pressing problem in the form of solar energy. Make you self-sustainable, reduce energy costs and provide access to clean energy, all at once. We offer businesses complete end-to-end solutions from the preliminary feasibility analysis, designing the right size plant, metering, construction, installation and maintenance.
  • Utility (>5 MW)
    Efficore develops the utility scale power plants in most economical way to ensure that your pay-pack period is lower than you expect. Our expertise in sourcing the best at the lowest costs and reducing over heads makes sure you get the best at the lowest cost.

Project Lifecycle



Residential Solar

residentSay Goodbye to electricity bill hikes Let solar power your home

The power of the sun is in your hand. Set up a solar power system on your rooftop and watch your electricity bills dip to ZERO

Why go for roof top solar?

  • Payback period of < 5 years
  • Zero electricity cost for over 25 years
  • Plant insured for its entire lifecycle
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Plant life of more than 30 years


residentResidential Solar FAQ

How does a Solar Power System work?

  • Sunlight falls on Photovoltaic modules which convert the photons in sunlight into useful electrical energy which is DC in nature. DC electricity is then inverted to AC by an Inverter and this AC electrical energy is used by electrical loads in the house.

How much area is required for on my rooftop?

  • As a thumb rule for flat RCC roofs 100 Sq. ft. of area is required per kilowatt (kW) of DC system size.

Will it work when electricity is cut?

  • A grid tied solar system will not work when there is electricity cut but we can build hybrid systems which use batteries and continue to operate even when there is electricity cut

What is the cost of Efficore’s Solar Power system?

  • The cost of your solar system depends on several factors including: your current energy usage, type of roof available and other factors. As a thumb rule, cost of a   1 kW residential system ranges between be ~ Rs 70-75 thousand.

What is the payback period for the Home rooftop solar?

  • Payback period is around 4-5 years, while the system life is 25 years. So you enjoy free solar electricity for over 20 years!

Is there any government subsidy for residential solar?

  • Yes, there is a 15% Central government subsidy of the project capital cost for residential rooftop solar power projects.

How much maintenance does a solar system require?

  • Fortunately, solar power system has no moving parts so the maintenance required is negligible. You just have to take care to keep it clean. Panels need to be washed with water every 15 days and that’s it!

Will my Air Conditioners run on Solar?

  • Yes, your air conditioners will run on Solar. Plus your refrigerator, geyser, motor and all other electrical equipment can run on solar.

From where will I get electricity at night time?

  • You will either get it from grid as you currently do or from the battery in case you go for off-grid system.
  • In states with “net-metering” policy of government, you can get credit of all the units your solar system produces during the day and are not used by you. Say your system produces 100 units in a day and you only consume 60 units. Then remaining 40 units will be credited to your account which you can use to offset your night time charges.