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Efficore acts as the System Designer and System Integrator for Energy Storage & Microgrid Deployments. Our expertise lies in understanding the uniqueness of each client’s requirement, designing the most optimum solution and integrating various components of the Energy Storage/Microgrid system to deliver the promised solution.



Our electric grid is the most ideal example of the demand supply balance, all the electricity generated and fed to the grid has to be consumed by the loads. There are no buffers or warehouses for storing electricity in the present grid. This limitation requires utility companies to rigorously monitor and even predict the demand of electricity at regular intervals and be prepared with contingencies which eventually result in inefficiently utilized energy generation assets.

This problem is more acute in intermittent sources like Solar Photovoltaic and wind. When the midday sun is shining, solar cells produce a large amount of electricity that is then fed into the grid, where it needs to find consumers. However, if clouds appear, power output will drop suddenly. In general, the more fluctuating energy sources, such as sun and wind power, are connected to the grid, the more difficult it is to ensure grid stability. Supply and demand have to be balanced at all times. If they are not, the resulting fluctuations in voltage and frequency can disrupt or even destroy electronic equipment.

In view of this, it is clear that energy storage systems will become increasingly important in the future. Storage units take in surplus electricity that is not needed at a given time and then feed it back into the grid when demand rises. Energy Storage comes in many forms like Pumped Hydro Storage, Compressed Air Storage, Flywheels, Ultra Capacitors and Batteries.

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Efficore’s core expertise lies in
Battery energy storage technologies.




  • Residential

  • Emergency Backup
  • PV Solar Energy Storage
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Commercial

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Demand Charge Management
  • Off-Grid Applications in
  • Utilities

  • Frequency regulation
  • Feeder Decongestion
  • Renewables Grid Integration




Huge fraction of our population still doesn’t have access to electricity and even in the developed countries natural calamities leave many without electricity for days. Extending the existing grid to remote locations is not only expensive but also inefficient; again in cases of natural calamities it is not easy to restore the grid services quick enough. The solution lies in a Microgrid, the future of how


Benefits of Microgrid


Take a step closer to Energy Independence with Efficore’s Microgrid solutions.

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