Energy Data Analytics

What are Energy Analytics?

  • Energy analytics uses three pieces of information
  • How much energy and power an enterprise uses, and when and where it’s used.
  • What an enterprise makes, moves or stores; where it performs this work, when it performs this work, and how this work changes and scales.
  • What an enterprise pays, and how it procures, energy and power.

Above data is collected and analysed to achieve the goal of energy reduction and optimization through steps like process modifications, on-site generation, tariff rate changes, large-load management, recommissioning and others.

data analytics process

Energy Data Analytics are a crucial aspect of any data-driven energy management plan. Automated energy data analytics determine discrepancies between baseline and actual energy data. Energy data analytics unlock savings opportunities and help companies to understand their everyday practices and operating requirements in a much more comprehensive manner.
At Efficore, we believe that more data means more power and actionable insights for our clients. We analyse multi-site data for each client and provide them with a comprehensive view of energy use that spans demand, consumption, cost, waste and carbon impacts.

Efficore provides monitoring and data analytics platform for energy sector including solar and utility grid. By analyzing massive amount of data using sophisticated statistical and analytical tools we generate insights that help optimize performance yields and improve profitability for your organization. We use state of the art open source tools to provide Big Data Analytics services like Hadoop and R along with machine learning algorithms.


Sensors and data acquisition systems are your eyes and ears for your whole enterprise. Using Smart Sensors and DAS we can get insight into the behavioral patterns of the entire enterprise and measure the effect of our actions and improvise. Some use cases of smart sensors and DAS are mentioned below:

Solar PV energy monitoring and analytics for lower downtime and improved asset health
Distribution grid automation and real time monitoring
Internet of Things (IoT) Deployment for various industries


Efficore can help utilities in their AMI (Automated Metering Infrastructure) deployment efforts as well as provide large industrial and commercial clients measure energy, gas or water consumption at various granularities through deployment of Smart Meters. Link smart meter data with big data analytics and you have a complete picture of your system, exposing gaps and loopholes rarely visible to a human eye.

At present we use imported meters and third party platform for AMI but we are in the process of developing a revolutionary operating system for smart meters which will allow secure and easy access to data and control of the critical infrastructure.