Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency

In any Industry, the three top operating costs are often found to be energy (Electrical and Thermal), labour and materials. Amongst the three, ENERGY has the highest potential for cost reduction. Energy Audit will give an insight into ways energy is used in the industry and helps in identifying the areas where energy waste is occurring and where scope for improvements exists.
Efficore’s Energy Audit process is tailored on Bureau of Energy Efficiency’s (BEE) guidelines and the Energy Conservation Act 2001. Efficore’s team comprises of BEE approved Energy Auditors who have long standing experience in the Energy domain.

Our Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency Program will review on following items and translate energy conservation ideas into reality by developing a technically feasible solution keeping in mind the Economic and other organizational considerations within specified time





Efficore Energy uses state of the art instruments to monitor and measure key energy parameters. Based on the type of industry, the depth to which final audit is needed and the potential and magnitude of cost reduction desired Efficore will recommend the class of Energy Audit required i.e.