About Us

Our vision is to empower each organization to take control of its energy needs and solve the global energy problem one organization at a time.

We once came across a statistic that said, US has ~4.5% (based on 2011 US census bureau) of the world’s population but consumes~23% (based on US EIA 2011 data) of the world’s energy. Imagine with growing world population if each country demanded a lifestyle equivalent to that of US, how much more energy would be needed? The figure is staggering; 411% increase than the current level of world energy production. Hence, we decided not be a spectator but rather take the problem hands-on and Efficore Energy Solutions was born.

Every Industry, every organization has a unique power & energy demand and no one understands it better than Efficore.  We want to create a world where you have to worry less about the energy needs so that you can take on other, more relevant challenges. We provide every service which would take you one step closer to meeting your energy demand in the most efficient manner.

How We Work

What sets us apart is our processes! We understand that every customer is different, so our process is designed around customization. We offer the best solution tailored for your needs.


We hear you out, we understand you, we work very hard to find you the best solutions and deliver it to you in the most economical way. Have any questions or concerns on your organization’s energy needs

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